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This page is entirely devoted to all my friends, from those who speaks mostly craps (wasting your time hearing them) to those always preaching (also craps); thanx for being around. and apologies for those that i cause miseries in your life. To make this page more informative, useful and educational, I've made this ranking system to rate them, according to their status in my life, and how crapiness they are. :Þ
       Nope, these are not official and judges' decision are not final. The ranking is based on the demand of audiences' (that is you, whatever you are) vote. You can be part of this system when you vote (just drop me a message) and if you want to rank top, spam me with your vote (if you can).

Try not going to places that  doesn't make sense to you, cause these pages won't concern you.

The Bukit Bintang Gang
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