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A CD-Quality song for only 4 MBs? Yeah, I don't believe it either at first. But you gotta listen to it to believe. These songs are not stored on my server, but ripped from my friend, Rainmaker, who have a server in his Cafe just as he rip these songs from other sites. Don't tell him these.  Me myself haven't got all these songs either. Hope he realises when the server got jammed. Bookmark this site, as he will continue to add more songs here, and I will constantly update it just for you.
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Title by Size (Mb)
All my life K-ci and Jojo 5.1
Always Bon Jovi 4.8
As long as you love me Backstreet Boys 3.4
Dumb Nirvana 1.9
Everytime I close my eyes Babyface 4.6
Gettin' jiggy wit it Will Smith 3.5
Interstate love song Stone Temple Pilots 3.0
Invisible man 98 degrees 4.4
Kiss the rain Billie Myers 4.2
Knocking on heaven's door Guns n Roses 2.3
Living on a prayer Bon Jovi 3.9
Mo money mo problems Notorious BIG 4.0
Plush Stone Temple Pilots 4.8
Till I hear it from you Gin Blossoms 3.5
Torn Natalie Imbruglia 3.8
You oughta know Alanis Morisette 3.8
??? Chemical Brothers 8.0
6th Avenue Heartache The Wallflowers 4.6 
Barbie Doll Aqua 3.0
Beautiful People Marillyn Manson 3.9
Black ? 4.3
Blind Korn 3.5
Creep Radiohead 3.7
Candle in the Wind Elton John 3.7
Insane in the Brain Cypress Hill 3.0
Janie's Got a Gun Aerosmith 5.2
Maryjane Cypress Hill 3.6
Meaning of Life Offspring 2.4
Monkey Wrench Foo Fighters 3.7
One Headlight The Wallflowers 4.8
Song 2 Blur 1.9
Sunchyme Dario G 3.6
See You When You Get There Coolio 4.8
Setting Sun Chemical Brothers 5.0
The End is the Beginning is the End Smashing Pumpkins 4.7
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