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  So, I assume you drop by here to get to know me better, right? What's so great about Chin Yan Keat?

     They said that man has went through 4 million years of evolution to become what we are today. Well, not so with my case. I've just evolved from a single cell for 20 years into a billion celled being, the Chin Yan Keat that you know today. This may qualify me for being a superior creature. What?! Other people also evolve the same way? Then I am not superior at all?! *Sigh*.
     I spend hours in front of computers daily, doing just anything, makes it an undespensible tool for me. Sometimes people thought that I am some kind of computer whiz or whatever, can solve just anykind of computer problems. Well, this may be the case to most of my friends, (and this might include you) but sometimes, I do run into troubles myself. However, a group of computer expert that reside in my brain always there to solve it for me. These guys are the one that help tame your computer.
     Mr. Luck - Wonder what will happen without you in my life. Always there whenever I need to make the Major decision.
     Mr. Brain - Although I spend only 10% time with you, you never let me down whenever exams come. You've performed superbly for all these years.
     Mr. Lazy - Have the most influence in my life. Most of the time, I listen to what he said.
     Others - Thanks for being with me throughout the years.

Name: Michael Chin Yan Keat  
Nick: Imation, (others, find out yourself)  
Sex: The more superior gender  
Race: Chinese  
Species: (Homo sapiens 
Age: Few more months away to enter Genting Casino.  
D.O.B.: 12 August 19__ (No, not telling my age. But tis is to let you know when to get me some birthday cards.)  
P.O.B.: P.J., Selangor, Malaysia.  
Address: 836, Jalan Medan 31, Taman Medan, 46000 Petaling Jaya. (Make sure cards are sent here!) 
As friend, shouldn't you already know how I look? Ahhhh, just click in.  
Phone No.: 7959228
I.C. no.: Does this matter to you?
I.C. Colour: Nope this doesn't either.
ICQ UIN: 7500780
Family position: Eldest of 3
Academic Institutions: S.R.K. Seri Mega
                                  S.R.K. Seksyen 6, Shah Alam.(Place where I met some of the most annoying person in my life. Talking to Seow Yen: "you know who?")
                                  S.R.K. Seksyen 19, Shah Alam
                                  S M. Sultan Sallahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam.(I know, its a long name, that's why I spent 5 long years there!)
                                  S.T.K. - Sekolah Tepi Kubur they call it. (1 month)
                                  S. M. (L) Bukit Bintang P.J. (not so good place, except for my teachers.)
                                  Universiti Malaya (Okay during the first month, but things get worse day after day.)
                                  Oxford University - Forecast
Occupation: Student, part time payless computer troubleshooter, consumer.
Height: 180 cm - 3 years ago
           180 cm - current, (didn't grow a bit in 3 years).
Weight: 76, (Would you believe if i say pounds?)
Bra size : Aix who put this here!?
Dominant hand : Right (majority people follow me)
Dominant leg : Er...Both can ar?
Blood type: O++ (yes, anyone can make use of my blood)
Pet: A very actively growing dog, a mouse (beside my computer) 
How do I waste my time?
    Surfing, Squash, Chess, Drawing, turning the CD-Player to the loudest, ICQing, movies, DES ( Drink, eat, sleep), E-mailling.
My preferences: Current Settings
Car: Lotus Esprit GT3 Proton Iswara 1.3S
Salary:  20K per month  Less than that, of course!
House: Mansion on Bukit Gasing Double storey in Taman Medan
Computer: Pentium II 400 MHz, 256 MB RAM, 14.4 GB Hd, 17" LCD display Pentium 133MHz, 48MB RAM, 3.2 GB Hd., 14" CRT tube
No of hours per day: 36 24
No of servants: As much as I can afford. none

All of the Favourites.
Hangouts: A & W, where i will order single scoop root beer float. Mamak is the most happening place for U.M. students on weekdays. Weekends, Sunway Pyramid, 1 Utama, Bangsar, City Center.(now u know where to find me next time).
Music: New Age, Classical, Slow Rock, Alternatives
Artist: Sammi Cheng, Vanessa Mae.
Food: Anything with chocolate, Malaysian food is the best, Kajang's Sate, Ipoh's Chicken Rice, Penang's Laksa and Chow Kuey Teow, Taman Medan's Roti Canai!
Candy: Frozz
Drink: A&W's Rootbeer Float, Carrot Juice
Comic: Calvin & Hobbes, Simpsons, DragonBall.
Part of a woman's anatomy : All, u really want me to specify ah?
Part of a man's anatomy : Gals are suppose to answer this, right?
Items Wish to Have: MiniDisc Player, Playstation.
Items that can get my interest: Watches, movies, Hi-fi, arts (esp. interior design & modern art), anything on computers & pens.

Okay, are you convinced enough to E-Mail me? Drop me a line . Click here get the keyboard and write to me!  :)

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