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Engineering Faculty
Okay, I know most of you are guys, and guys with guys speaks more craps. But an exception with this faculty is that U guys are the study type, and very few rubbish come out from your mouths. (Outsiders that drop here, don't get bored by these guys.) However, there are still a few that successfully gained good results. And most of them that i know are ex-8th college. Anyway, here are the results.

Rating System
        * - no crap. Plain facts. (0-25% rubbish)
        ** - Can give informative crap. (26-50% rubbish)
        *** - Nothing worth coming out of his/her mouth  (51%-94% rubbish)
        **** - listening to him / her is just a waste of time.har har. ( >95% rubbish)

Au Chen Hsiung ****
Chin Yan Keat *******
Chan Kwong Tat *
Chin Park Hoa ***
Chong Jin Yoong **
Chang Boon Yen **
Chan Mun Leong ***
Chong Mei Ling @ Li San *
Chia Yew Ken *
Eric Kan Wing Hong *
Goh Gaik Ling *
Jason Ng Kean Seng *
Kow Kah Loong *
Lee Siau Tung *
Lee Hang Chong *
Lee Deng Siong ***
Lee Seow Yen ***
Mak Heng Fai **
Ng Seow Cheng *
Ng Siew Cheok *
Phang Khang Nean ****
Pan Chee Chin *
Tan Bee Koon *
Tan Chai Heng *
Tan Chiat Onn ****
Tan Meng Ho *
Tee Jin Yee **
Woo Soo Wei *
Wong Wai Lee **
Wong Ze Shen *
Yeoh Hui Cheng *
Yong Hui Jiun *
Yuvaraaj **
Yap Wai Meng ****

Yes, I know I missed a lot of people here, but this is what i have in my list of names. As for the rest, Contact me!!  :)

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