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Well, the word others here doesn't mean that you guys and girls are leftovers. But simply because you people are small numbered to put into different pages. :) Names that appear here are old friends, good friends, true friends, caring friends, special friends, taken-for-granted friends, long forgotten friends, and most important of all friends. So, don't be 'siu hei'. However, if you insist on having a page on your own, I can consider to give you a special discount on the charges. He He.

Rating System
        * - no crap. Plain facts. (0-25% rubbish)
        ** - Can give informative crap. (26-50% rubbish)
        *** - Nothing worth coming out of his/her mouth  (51%-94% rubbish)
        **** - listening to him / her is just a waste of time.har har. ( >95% rubbish)

Names  Craps
Cheong Weng Chun ***
Celine Loh *
Chin Lee Lee *
Daniel Franklin ***
David Lee ***
Edmund Wong **
Elaine Cheong *
Fong Soon Keong **
Jacqueline Teh **
Janet Ong *
Joyce Ng *
Jim Carrey *******
Khor Siew Tee *
Kareen Lee **
Kok Wing Heng, Calvin ****
Lye Han Wen **
Lee Soo Teng  *
Lim ??? ??? **
Lian Chin Han ****
Lim Shih Meng *
Melinda Kong *
Mak Wai Yin *
Phang Yuen Kwan *
Quek Peng Soon **
Sharon Choo *
Tan Li Hua *
Tom Cruise *
Yong Tat Fong ***

As I have mentioned. some are long forgotten ones. As I know, there should be 3 or 4 times of the number of people I know, That's why I have forgotten a lot of you people out there. Here I apoligise for anyone incidentally or purposely left out from the list.

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