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The BB Gang
Well, after more than 3 years of knowing you guys, I think I have rated you all very well. Chin Siong is the most outstanding story teller of the time, and maybe a record holder in UPM too. However, on certain times, these rating may not be so accurate, eg. when Christina Vimala & Chin Siong gets together, C.V. can outspoke C.S. and could get a much higher rating (kah kah kah kah). I decided to take average, that is based on the average of 24 hours per day.
    To illustrate further we will take Chin Siong again (Chin Siong: Me again?) . **** means 24 x 95% = 22.8 hours a day talking rubbish. A surprisingly big number, but it is true.

Note: Chin Siong, you can change your rating, but if majority of the others want to add or retain your stars, I also cannot help you. I practice democracy here.

Rating System
        * - no crap. Plain facts. (0-25% rubbish)
        ** - Can give informative crap. (26-50% rubbish)
        *** - Nothing worth coming out of his/her mouth  (51%-94% rubbish)
        **** - listening to him / her is just a waste of time.har har. ( >95% rubbish)

Alvin Yeoh ***
Chang Wan Loong, Thomas *
Chen De-Leon *
Chin Yan Keat *********
Christina Shanti *
Christina Vimala **
Devaraj **
Eric Tioe Hak Jing **
Fong Seik Hoon *
Kavita *
Khaw Cheng Lian **
Koh Kar Weng ***
Leong Ming Ken *
Lim Chee Leng **
Logeswari ***
Lok Kok Soon **
Michelle Chan Beng Yeng ***
Ng May Lee *
Shamila **
Sylvia *
Tan Chin Siong ****
Tan Wen Chien ***

Finally, did I missed out anyone? Contact me.

 Do you know where top is?