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Yes, this is a place specially created to compete with the ever popular mamak stalls to waste your time.They said that time is precious, but I assume that your time is cheap for you and would like to waste it. 90% of our life is wasted anyway, through sleeping, busy bodying, talking craps eating and so on (that's why they said we only use 10% of our brain) so why not spend a few more moments here to read these craps.

The Ultimate Waste Of Time of the century.

And the winner is.......

Bill gates - His Microsoft programs and codes are more than 50% rubbish, containing nothing but empty spaces, comments, and useless loops. But hey, they help to make him the richest person on this planet anyway. The programs effectively took 30% (some cases until 50%) of our time by making us sitting in front of computers doing completely nothing but moving the mouse and tapping on the keyboard. Total time wasted - do you believe this - 4000000000 hours.
    I don't say this without evidence. I assume that when you see this, you are already using Windows 95/98 and already there are so many megabytes of trash, which they claim as useful (maybe they were MPPJ workers or aluminum can collectors once).
    Ever wonder why would they need more than 30 mbs of hd space to install internet explorer when you can install a browser with more functions, faster and better for just 2 mbs? (yes, you're starting to get the idea)
    To know more rubbish already reside years on your computer, try to do these:

1. Create a new folder on the desktop and title it "and now, the moment you've all been waiting for". When you rename the folder, you must click on the icon with right mouse button and choose rename  to work correctly.
2. Rename that folder to "we proudly present for your viewing pleasure"
3. Rename it the folder to "The Microsoft Windows 95 Product Team!"
4. Open the folder, and the credits should be displayed.

1. In Minesweeper, click on a square to get the timer going
2. hold down both mouse buttons, and a 9 square indentation will appear
3. Hit the ESC key
Get the best time :)

The runner up...........

Titanic - more than 500000 people spend more than 45000000 hours (unofficial poll) sitting in front of that useless screen to see how the unsinkable ship sink. This makes titanic the most effective time waster of the age. 45000000 hours in 140 days, 321428.5714286 hours per day around the world, and still rising. I personally think  James Cameroon should be prosecuted for taking off so much time from people's life with this movie.
     Beware of him in the future if he is to come up with another unsinkable. Maybe it should be called sampan.

Others worth noticing.

Politicians (Mahathir and gang) - They are merely wasting their own time, and not so much of people's time anyway. Because when they talk for a few hours, nobody are actually listening to them. So they are not that guilty. However, it is a good way to waste your time by listening to them, because they can teach you how to talk anything out of nothing, and changing from this topic to another topic without knowing anything about the topic at all!
    I think they should be praised for their excellent skill for bullshitting. There was once a lecturer told me that bullshitting is not easy and need hundred of hours to train. But they sure earn these people lots of money. I am still thinking why they are not offering this course in colleges of universities? Societies need these people to bore us.

Sales man - Insurance agents are also included in this category of people. A surprisingly 95% of words coming out of their mouth are useless, an ultimate waste of time. these group of people have been growing at an astounding rate, due to classes being offered. Been to these classes before, they use craps to teach craps, talking the same thing over and over again, and always think themselves as the greatest bullshitter in their house.
    The worst is insurance agents, talking to us as though we have no future! Don't believe? Get a 10 minute talk to anyone of them, and you will feel like your life has been shortened by 10 years. No kidding! However, implicitly state that by buying policy from them, your life can be magically be extended, (much like buying know). Well, don't fall for these. Get some advice from fortune tellers beforehand, see when will you terminate, then get the coverage, this will definately be much much more cheaper.

Lets talk about ghosts (Rainmaker, thanks for this pict.)

  I always wanted to see a ghost, something like Casper or Slimer (that one in Ghostbuster). Malaysian are always full of ghost stories, any type you can think of, they exist. And they bear Malaysian characteristics also. They have so many terms, so many that even the ghost themselves might get confused with them. Maybe someday, they might hold a dialogue session with the linguistic expert to discuss what they should be called. And hopefully come up with a complete classification of them.
    Some of the place that ghost exist (these are strictly Malaysian. Other countries may not apply, Ghosts knows why....) frequently according to some of my friends, old man, books, and interview with the ghost themselves.

    1) Cemeteries (this is an exception, applies to the whole world) - because this is their hometown. They were born here!

    2) Under trees, huge trees. Especially in the jungle or some road that cuts across jungle. Different kind of ghosts are sighted all over malaysia, and the popular one, on the road leading up to Genting. Bet you heard the story of a monster that chews the head of a driver when his car stopped (or broke down, don't know the real reason. have to ask the headless person himself.) and get out of his car. Then his wife still in the car heard a loud noise. 2 policemen came and told the wife not to look back, but she did and saw his husband dead. (this one is quite violent rated 18 sg by Lembaga Penapisan. anyone below 18, please skip this whole paragraph and continue down)

    3) Banana trees. They thought is that banana trees have a lot of usage in primary school, the banana can be eaten, leaf can replace PVC rappers, trunk can do this and that. But later find out that the tree can be used as house too, for the vampires. Pontianaks live in banana trees, and if you use your mother's sewing needles to cucuk it, you can control them to help you win Magnum, Toto, and even Big Sweep!

    4) The most popular place of all, Universities and schools. These are the place most stories took place, and bet you can find at least 1 in every school, even they are just beside 2 mosque, 1 church & 1 temple. People say that ghosts like place where there are noisy sessions (school time) and sometimes quiet time (holiday). And every accidents in school will result in stories.
     If this is true, then the most hounted place i think is the Malaysia roads, where we have the highest accident rate in the world. But hey, have you heard even a single ghost story from the Highway?

Tips ( to prevent ghosts )
    1) Say excuse me when you pee (make sure you do this in your house).
    2) Do not shine your light into jungle. (Late night drivers, make sure your headlight is off when you pass by dark areas!)
    3) Keep garlic, cross, bible, charm, and underwear in bag beside you. This is enough to keep any kind of ghosts away.
    4) Get a company when walking in the dark. But make sure also he/she is not ghost.
    5) Ghosts like to take the shape of sexy, beautiful girls, (maybe they were not so beautiful when they are alive) so to all those horny guys outside, beware of all the cun girls around. Master Wong said Miss Universe might be one of the gang.

More Time Wasting Elements

A internet book on web page design said these

1) The most important person is... The end user.

2) Respecting all browsers
Not everyone has Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer running on a Pentium with a T1 hookup to the Internet. Find out ways to make your pages friendly to all browsers.

3) Useful page elements
There are a number of items you can build into your pages that will serve both you and the end user.

4) Taking the edge off longer pages
Ideally, a given page should contain a digestible amount of information. Sometimes, however, pages run long by necessity. For those instances, there are steps you can take to break the content into smaller chunks.
But i say:

1) The most important person one. this page is totally for craps.

2) No respect for outdated browsers
This page is totally designed for new browsers, like Netscape Communicator, IE4, and those less than 1.5 years old. Those who are still using Mosiac, text browsers, this page is not for you all. Make sure that you have at least Pentium too before you look into my page.

3) Useful page elements
There are only a number of items that has a purpose on this site. The rest are totally craps..

4) Taking the edge off longer pages
Who cares how i designed my page?

That's all. Still have time to waste? Then wanna tour around my monster farm (I warn you, they may just waste your time) ?
Yes, take me there. (Then the ginie say, your crap is my command)

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