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 The Monster Farm Page (the secret page)
I didn't mention earlier, but these are some of my pets found in my Monster Farm. These pictures are taken from different perspective and angle using the most sophisticated tools, and the most professional way. And these pictures of my pets won't be available anywhere other than in this page.
       Are you asking what they are? Just hover you cursor on them, and lo, they will tell you.
My Duck Flying (Top View) - He lost his way here while migrating to Australia
Gila Monster, My fav. (Perspective View)
Elephant (Bottom View)
Triceratop (Side View) I got him from Jurassic Park
Great White Shark (Eating me, HELP!!!!! )
Pegasus (Showing Her Beauty), nope didn't steal her from Paramount.
Dinosour, forgotten her name. Bought her from Lost World.
Swam here all the way from Rantau Abang
 Do you know where top is?