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 DK96, most of you might not even know who is this. But let me tell you, she might be the girl every guy wants. Nope not pornography. But she is a singer, a virtual star. much like tamagochi, but this girl is much more demanding. much time was wasted downloading her pictures, and wow, she's gorgeous. Here are some info on her, plus puctires i get from the internet. Wanna put her video clip in also, but not enough space, so there is instruction on how to get it from other site.
Name : Kyoko Date 
Professional Name : Kyoko Date DK-96 
Date of Birth : October 26, 1979 
Place of birth : Fusso, Tokyo, Japan 
Height : 163cm (5'4") (and still growing!) 
Weight : 43 kg (95 lbs) 
Measurements : 83-56-82cm (33-22-32in) 
Foot Size : 23.5cm (9 1/4in) 
Eyesight : 0.2(left), 0.3(right), --Normally wears glasses 
Horoscope Sign : Scorpio 
Bloodtype :
Favorite Flower : Snowdrop 
Favorite Colors : White and Black 
Favorite Movie "Toy Story" 
Favorite Artists Mariah Carey, TLC, Enya 
Favorite Actors Christian Slater, Kyozo Nagatsuka 
Favorite Part of Own Body : Waist (joke!) 
Preferred Type of Man Goku in "Dragon Ball"(Japanese cartoon series) 
 Items Wish to Have PHS and digital camera
Favorite Town Fussa 
First Love A boy with initial "M" who was in the same soccer 
club when Kyoko was in her third grade. He was in 
the fifth grade. 
Childhood Dream To be a private detective 
(like in old American TV shows) 
Present Adoration: Tortoise Matsumoto of Ulfuls(Japanese Band) 
Favorite Fashion for Boys Doesn't matter if it looks good on the person. 
Dream Place for First Date The Kasai Aquarium. 
Favorite Hang-Out Seiryumon (Chinese restaurant in Yoga) 
   Kyoko was born as the first daughter of the couple who runs a sushi bar 
   in Fussa in Tokyo. The restaurant is a popular hang-out for the American 
   soldiers stationed at the Yokota Air Base. 
Kyoko's 41-year-old mother helps her husband run the restaurant of which 
   she is more or less a symbol. Kyoko also has a 15-year-old sister. 
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Click here to download her song (498 kb)
in RealAudio format
Love Communication
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Hobby  Kyoko collects sneakers as hobby and likes to spend her time learning foreign languages and taking photographs.
Favorite Food Kyoko loves to eat anything sweet---especially chocolate---and to chew gums,
 but she does not eat steamed rice with raw egg on top (common dish as a simplemeal in Japan).
Her family consists of 4 members, parents and a sister who is 1 year younger than her. Her father is 40 years old and mother is 41.
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   She is very good in sports as well and now is practicing boxing, dancing and illustrating. Kyoko grew up in athletic environment. She played soccer until she graduated from junior high school and is now taking boxing lessons to keep fit and improve her sense of rhythm. She also loves dancing and drawing. She loves to learn foreign languages as well as taking pictures. She always carries a camera while walking on the street. 
                 Click here to get her Video Clip (286 kb)
  She is quite busy lately and cannot talk to friends, so the thing that she wants is a digital camera. The first time she falls in love when she was in primary 3. It was a guy named 'M' who is 2 years elder than her. Now, the person that she wants to meet most is 'Totas Matsumoto' from a group called 'Ulfuls' in Japan. Next time when she goes for dating for the first time, she wants to go to an aquarium.
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